Podcasting Instructions

How to Listen Now or Subscribe to Podcasts

You can listen to Your Money with The Rosenthals whenever and wherever you choose. For your listening convenience, most commercials have been removed (edited out). Learn how to listen or subscribe by following the instructions below.

Option One: Listen Now on our web site

You can listen to podcasts of Your Money with The Rosenthals directly from our web site on the Radio Show page. This is "streaming audio" (nothing is downloaded to your computer). This is for those who are simply looking for the ability to listen and don't wish to download any files to their computer or use a mobile device (such as an MP3 player, mobile device, etc). To simply play the streaming audio, click the purple play button to the right of any show description.

Listen to radio shows directly

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Option Two: Download MP3 Files & Listen at Your Convenience

To download and then listen to MP3 files, find the "Download as MP3" link, which appears below the purple play button on the Radio Show page.

Download Rosenthal radio show to listen on your own system

To download a file to your computer, right-click on the "Download as MP3" link of the show of your choice and select "Save Target As" to save the file to your computer for future listening. This allows you to save past shows and organize them how you want.

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What is Podcasting?

Podcasting is a method of receiving syndicated audio content, using the RSS 2.0 file format, at no cost. Once a provider serves the data as a podcast feed, users can listen to it on their PC or Mac by using anaudio player such as iTunes or Windows Media Player. Since podcasts are MP3 audio files, you can also transfer these "feeds" to your MP3 player or computer.

A few myths about podcasts:

     1. You must have an iPod or other mobile device to listen to podcasts.

     FALSE! A podcast is just an audio file. You might choose to listen to it on your computer, your cell

                phone, your iPod or whatever audio player you prefer.

     2. It takes special "podcasting software" to listen to a podcast.

     FALSE! While there is software that might automate the process of organizing and listening to

                 your podcasts, no special software or portable device (iPod, etc) is necessary.


Option Three: How to Subscribe to iTunes Podcasts

You must first have iTunes. You may download it free here: apple.com/itunes/download

Then, from our Radio Show page, click the Subscribe to iTunes Podcast button

Subscribe to iTunes Podcasts for Your Money with The Rosenthals

Or, go to the iTunes store and use the search function in the upper right hand corner.

Keyword search = rosenthal retire. Then hit "enter".

iTunes store search engine for Rosenthal Retire

Then, click the "SUBSCRIBE" tab that will appear - similar to below.

Subscribe to Your Money with The Rosenthals

Adjust your podcast settings to your personal preferences.

Adjust podcast settings for Your Money with The Rosenthals

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Option Four: Subscribe to Podcasts without iTunes

Anyone can do this! No special software or portable device (iPod, etc) is necessary.

Click the "Subscribe to Podcast Feeds" from the main Radio Show page.

Subscribe to Podcast feeds for Your Money with The Rosenthals

The page contains an option to download shows individually (similar to option two above) or "Subscribe to this feed"

Download shows individually or Subscribe to feeds for Your Money with The Rosenthals

When you subscribe to a feed, it is automatically downloaded to your computer. You can listen at a later time and/or transfer the files to an MP3 player, if you prefer. You will receive automatic updates as new podcasts become available.

This option does not require any podcasting software, such as iTunes.

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